The Results

Due to a last-minute influx of power submissions, the grand total ended up being 110!

Click the links at the top of the page to see the powers – “All Powers” for an entire list with full descriptions, or separated into unique/duplicate power summaries.

The most common power chosen was a tie between Teleportation and Universal comprehension (powers related to being able to read/speak/write/understand all languages), chosen by seven people.

The second most common was a tie between Shapechanging and the ability to control fire, at four people each.

And the third most common was a tie between Transmutation and Perfect memory, at three people each.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a power! I hope you find the results as interesting as I have.

What now? Well, it sure would be interesting if something happened to make these power choices actually meaningful.

You chose your powers. Now, how are you going to use them?

To be (maybe) continued…


Submissions Closed

That’s 100 superpowers chosen and submitted! Thanks to everyone who chose one. I will be compiling the entries and making a list of what powers made it – and which didn’t – shortly.

100 superpowers, no duplications

Here’s how it works.

You’ve been contacted by some bored, benevolent aliens, who inform you that they will give you a superpower. Any superpower you want. The sky’s the limit!

The only catch? They love uniqueness. They’re giving this opportunity to 100 people (including you), and no duplicate superpowers will be allowed. So if you choose flight, and person #57 also chooses flight, neither of you get anything! And, you won’t know if you’ve chosen a duplicate power until after you’re submitted your choice!

They’re also watching out for tricks, and won’t be impressed by attempts to fool them or invent loopholes. So if you said you could “lift and propel yourself through the air”, that still counts as “flight.”  And imposing artificial limitations or complications to make your superpower unique – such as being able to fly, but only at night – will be condensed down to the basic, core superpower.

So what will you choose? Will you go for something awesome but common (like flight), and hope that everyone else will be afraid to pick it? Or will you play it safe and choose something weird and obscure?

Leave a comment and let the countdown begin!  Once enough superpowers have been chosen, the results will be posted here and you will be able to see if your choice was unique.

Oh, and please don’t tell anyone what power you chose. That would ruin the mystery!

Important: Comments will not be visible until 100 responses have been received, so you can’t sneak a peek at earlier comments and see if yours has already been taken!

For more information or if you have any questions, please see the FAQ at top. Comments left on the FAQ will be published/answered normally.